Portugal Extends Its Travel Insurance Program to All Tourists

Portugal established a platform called The Portugal Health Passport in August 2019. The program is initiated by Turismo de Portugal and Health Cluster Portugal. It is originally designed for tourists coming from the UK. It aims to lure international tourists into Portugal in a safe manner and provide confidence to the tourists. Recently, Portugal Travel Insurance has been adapted to the necessities of Covid-19.

Portugal Health Passport Helps Tourism During Covid-19

The most significant reason for the decrease in Portuguese tourism numbers in 2020 and 2021 is undoubtedly the Covid-19 pandemic. Recognizing the problem, Portugal took action towards a viable solution. Joaquim Cunha, the executive director of Health Cluster Portugal, says, “Clinical practice in Portugal is already an international reference among peers. This is the time for this perception to also be transmitted to the population. The response we gave at the peak of the pandemic gave us international prominence, which guarantees security to those who visit us.”

What Does the Portuguese Health Passport Cover?

Portugal earned global appreciation in its response to Covid-19. The country continues to take decisive steps. The program assisted by RNA Assistance Insurance is an extensive healthcare package. It covers the entire Portuguese territory. It applies to medical, pharmaceutical, and surgical expenses related to Covid-19. The insurance also includes expenses regarding the travel restriction problems. Cancellation and extension of travel are covered by the package under certain circumstances. Also, the insurance plan provides tourists with Covid-19 tests. The goal of the package is to ensure travelers that they are being well taken care of and looked after during their visit.

How to Get the Portugal Health Passport

The official website of the document is www.portugalhealthpassport.com. Visitors can register for the document on the website free of charge. With the passport, tourists can benefit from healthcare and several forms of check-ups. These services are charged at a pre-determined price. The passport is valid at CUF, HPA Saude, Lusiadas, and Hospital da Luz.

Luis Araujo, the president of Turismo de Portugal claims that the project is “a tourist offer that complies with strict hygiene and sanitary control protocols “Clean & Safe” and that, in addition, presents an offer of medical and hospital services of high quality.” Ideally, it leads to “restoring the confidence of tourists and boosting the recovery of the sector”. The Portugal Health Passport is an important initiative to revitalize tourism amid a pandemic.

Can Portuguese Residents get the Health Passport?

Portugal provides public healthcare services to all its legal residents. For those who seek further attention, faster care, and more advanced equipment, private health services are also available.

Portuguese citizens and full-time Portuguese residents can take advantage of public health. However, temporary residents, who do not live in Portugal for more than half of the year, need to have private health insurance. These include the Portuguese Golden Visa applicants that do not reside in Portugal on a full-time basis.

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