Web Summit 2020 Takes Place in Lisbon in December

Originated in Dublin, the Web Summit is the biggest tech event in the world. The annual event changed its location in 2016 and moved to Portugal. According to the founder of the Web Summit, Paddy Cosgrave, Portugal is a startup notion. The entrepreneurial atmosphere of the country fits well with the Web Summit’s nature.

The conference is regarded as “the best technology conference on the planet” by Forbes. The Web Summit hosts tech giants like Amazon, Microsoft, Google, and more. Minor start-up owners and web developers meet and listen to their idols throughout the seminars.

Covid-19 Pushed the Date of the Web Summit

The Web Summit of 2020 was planned to take place in early November. However, Paddy Cosgrave recently announced the postponement. The event will take place in December. This is, of course, if Covid-19 allows. Cosgrave spoke on the issue and said, “Every government anywhere in the world would hope the situation improves and normality might be able to return to their city and country.” The official dates of the summit are 2-4 December.

The Format of the Web Summit to be Decided in October

The conference will ideally take place face-to-face. Yet, the pandemic hindered every public gathering since the start of 2020. If things go well and the Web Summit takes place, it might be the first public event since the pandemic exploded.

Until December, the government and the organizing team will check the status of the pandemic. Either way, there will be an online platform where interested individuals may attend the conference. It will host around 100,000 people. The actual tickets will be on sale in October.

The Web Summit will be Broadcasted

The conference aims to reach as many people as possible. On the issue, Paddy Cosgrave commented, “Whatever the limitations are I want to ensure we do something spread all over Portugal and share a little more with the world than just Lisbon. There is a lot more to discover and there are great things happening all over Portugal.”

The organization also announced that this year’s summit will mainly revolve around Portugal’s economic success. A communicator of the organization says, “The online Web Summit will be significantly focused on the Portuguese economic recovery, working together with local authorities to promote the goals and key messages to the right attendees.”

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