Portugal Golden Visa Properties: All You Need To Know

Portugal Golden Visa program offers several investment options. The most popular of them is the property purchase option. Between 2012 and 2021, roughly 9,500 investors have obtained residency in Portugal. Out of these investors, 8,782 of them acquired real estate to get Portuguese residency. Let’s now look at the details of this investment option.

What is the Property Acquisition option of Portugal Golden Visa?

This is one of the options you can choose to apply for your Golden Visa. If you choose this option, you need to buy a real estate property to get residency. The minimum amount of the property differs depending on its age and location. There are four different types for your real estate purchase.

The real estate acquisition options

€500,000 Euro Real Estate

You can buy real estate worth at least €500,000 in Portugal.

  • €400,000 Real Estate Low-Density

            If the property is in a low-density area in Portugal, the minimum amount drops to €400,000.

€350,000 Real Estate Urban Rehabilitation Option

You can buy and renovate real estate that is older than 30 years old, in an urban rehabilitation area. The minimum amount for both the purchase and renovation of the property is €350,000.

  • €280,000 Real Estate Low-Density

            Again, if the property is in a low-density area in Portugal, the minimum amount drops to €280,000.

Furthermore, you don’t need to necessarily buy one property. If the minimum amount is complete, then the purchase of multiple properties is possible. 

It is also possible to buy one property with multiple investors. This is possible if the purchase amount is met enough for each applicant. For example, two people buy a house worth €1,000,000. Each of them can apply for the Portugal Golden Visa because each of them pays €500,000. 

Pros and Cons of Golden Visa Portugal through the Real Estate Option

There are some advantages and disadvantages of real estate options. Let’s look at them.


  • Portugal Golden Visa does not require you to stay in the country for a long time. So, you can rent your house in Portugal, and earn a decent return on your investment.
  • The real estate is under your management. You can later sell your property in Portugal.
  • The real estate prices are quite cheap compared to the prices in many European countries.


  • There are some taxes you must pay when you buy a house in Portugal. 
    • For example, there is the property transfer tax called IMT. The rate is progressive depending on the property’s value and your purpose of using it. Up to €92.407, you don’t pay any IMT if it is your main residence. The rate then increases gradually. 
    • Stamp duty (Imposto do Selo): The rate is fixed; it is 0.8% of the purchase price

There are other fees, such as notary and land registry fees up to €600, plus lawyer fees. If you decide to take out a mortgage, then there are fees such as fees of valuation and registration.

Costs of the Fund Option

Investing in a venture capital fund is one of the investment options to obtain a Portugal Golden Visa. The required fees for the fund option are as follows: 

  • Minimum investment amount: €350,000
  • Performance fee: 35% of the profit. Varies depending on the fund. In general, the performance fee is between 20% and 50% above a hurdle on the profit
  • Management fees: Annual rate of 1,5%. Varies on the fund. In general, the annual management fee is between 1% and 2% of the invested amount
  • Legal fees: They vary depending on different variables. However, the fees do not differ between different investment routes.

Required Documents

You’ll be asked to provide certain documentation while buying a property in Portugal. Firstly, you need to get a Portuguese Tax Number (NIF) if you don’t have it yet. You or your lawyer can obtain the number at the local tax office. Following this, you need to collect the following documents: 

  • A photo ID of both yourself and the homeowner 
  • The Promissory Purchase and Sale Agreement (CPCV), if available
  • Energy certificate of the property
  • Payment of the stamp (Imposto de Selo)
  • Land register (The Caderneta Predial).

After the purchase process is complete, you can now apply for your Golden Visa. For the application for Golden Visa, the required documents are as follows:

  • Copy of passport, or another travel document that is issued by government
  • Proof of evidence stating that the applicant has made the qualifying investment. In the case of property purchase, you need to provide a deed or promissory sale agreement with proof of deposit payment
  • Declaration from Portuguese financial institution confirming the transfer of funds
  • Proof of healthcare insurance
  • Criminal record of the current country of residence
  • A completed form authorizing SEF to access the criminal record in Portugal
  • A sworn declaration on compliance with the minimum investment requirements for the necessary time period of five years
  • Documents outlining good standing with the Portuguese Tax and Customs Authority & Social Security system
  • Payment receipt of ARI (residence permit based on investment) application.

Potential Changes in 2021

According to the 2020 budget proposal, the Portuguese parliament considered excluding some municipalities from the real estate investment. These include the coastal municipalities in Lisbon and Porto. So, for your Golden Visa application, you could not be able to buy property in these areas.

Another potential change is expected in the minimum investment amount and the requirements. It is possible that they may also increase. 

As stated above, these are the potential changes. They are not clear yet. Also, even the proposal’s timeline is not certain. 

Still, if you are planning to buy real estate for Portugal Golden Visa, it may be a good option to do it as soon as possible. 

Golden Visa in Portugal At a Brief Glance

The Portugal Golden Visa program is a residency by investment program. Since 2012, more than 9,500 investors have obtained their residency in Portugal. Citizens of non-EU/EEA/Switzerland can apply for this program. Basically, you make a proper investment in the country, then apply for the Golden Visa. In a short time, you obtain residency in Portugal. While it is a temporary residence at the first stage, you can apply for permanent residency when you fulfill the minimum stay requirement. This means that after five years of successful residency, you can apply for permanent residency and citizenship in Portugal. In the case of citizenship, you will also be an EU citizen and have a right to live and work in any EU country. Visa-free travel to 186 countries is another benefit of citizenship. What is more, you can include your dependent family members in this program as well. They can benefit from all the rights that you can.


What is the minimum investment amount for the purchase of property to get a Portugal Golden Visa?

The minimum investment amount is €280,000. You should note that such property needs to be in a low-density area. Also, it must be older than 30 years, and in need of renovation.

What are the necessary documents to buy property in Portugal?

For detailed information, you check the Required Documents section above.

Can I get residency immediately after my investment?

After investing in the country, you will apply for the Golden Visa program. If you provide your documentation without any missing part, you can obtain residency within around six months. You should note that the exact timeline may change.

What are the benefits of the Portugal Golden Visa program?

It offers you residency and potential EU citizenship as well as a permanent residency in Portugal. Another benefit is that your dependent family members can also benefit from all these rights as well.

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